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There are a whole bunch of web builders out there…but what makes Showit superior to them all?

Here’s a rundown of the main reasons why I LOVE Showit and use it with my clients:

1. SIMPLICITY- It’s so easy to use. Showit’s editor is insanely simple and so intuitive. I have confidence that anyone has the ability to get the hang of it after a quick run-down of how it all works.

2. COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE- Showit is the only web builder I’ve used that makes it so easy to make a completely custom site. There’s no having to settle for a different layout or design concept because it’s not working with the platform. You can create whatever you want, wherever you want, in a matter of seconds.

3. UNMATCHED MOBILE RESPONSIVENESS- Having a mobile friendly website is vital and Showit makes it as easy as possible to create a website that looks just as good on mobile as it does on desktop.

4. FLAWLESS TEMPLATE INTEGRATION- In order to add a Showit Website Template you purchased(like one of the stunning ones coming soon to the Rothwein Design Shop *wink*) it’s quite literally 2 steps. All you need a simple key code and to press enter and there it is, all ready for you to customize to your specific business/brand.

5. TOP TIER CUSTOMER SERVICE- Showit’s support team is one of the most attentive and helpful I’ve ever interacted with. They always respond within 24 hours and won’t give up until your question is fully answered and any issue is resolved.

6. AFFORDABLE- Showit’s plans range from $19-$34/month depending on what you need. With everything Showit has to offer, these prices are well worth it.

If your an online service provider, having a website is a MUST and in my humble opinion Showit is the way to go!

Want an expert to take care of your website for you?

Awesome! Fill out my application work with me here or feel free to contact me here.

Here at Rothwein Design, we offer 4 Showit Website Templates:

✦ Elevated Entrepreneur- Simple indeed, but anything but boring. This modern, neutral toned, minimalistic masterpiece allows you to show off your extraordinary business with class and beauty- creating a welcoming space of serenity and trust. This template is most aligned with neat, fresh, and organized entrepreneurs who vibe with minimalistic elegance and use it’s simplistic beauty to speak volumes.

✦ Bougie Baddie- Bold, luxurious, and unapologetically fierce- this template is anything but basic. Make a powerful statement to your audience, leaving them in awe and reaching for their credit cards. This template is most aligned to the empowering women who strive to make the world their playground- hungry to make their voice heard and their talents utilized.

✦ Wined, Dined, & Aligned- Dramatic warm tones pave the way for you to showcase your business empire to your audience, leaving them feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to fill out your contact form. his template is most aligned to passionate entrepreneurs who embody their gifts and spread their expansive light out to the world through their business.

✦ Sweet Success- Blossoming with feminine charm, this template still packs a sweet punch. This dreamy template is designed to enchant your audience with it’s pretty and playful vibes while inspiring them to blossom into your client. This template is for you if you enjoy the sweeter things in life- like leading the business of your dreams, as the playfully positive Queen you are, cultivating a community of positivity and light.

Visit the template shop here!

We couldn’t be more excited to offer these stunning templates to you and watch you transform them into your dream website!

Don’t have time to customize one yourself? No worries, I gotchu! I offer Divine Design, my website template customization package- that way you can continue to focus on what you do best, while allowing me to do the same

for you!

Fill out an application for Divine Design here!



Why Showit Is The Superior Web Builder

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A website guaranteed to captivate unaccompanied by the big price tag 

Rothwein Design templates

Website templates that take the stress out of creating a website and actually do their job: attract and convert. Skip the complicated parts of DIYing your website and jump straight into the fun part! With these templates, easily customize an already gorgeous website to fit your unique brand. And the best part, it’s ready to launch when you are.

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Skip the confusing, frustrating, time consuming set up and jump straight to the fun part!

"She is ridiculously talented and it felt like she was reading my mind through out this whole process."

What can I say? Working with Jenna has been amazing. Besides being a sweet and phenomenal person and such a pleasure to work with; she is ridiculously talented and it felt like she was reading my mind through out this whole process. She took something that means the world to me and took my ideas and made them a reality. 1000/10 would recommend her talents & creativity to anyone looking to update or create their branding.  My branding package is so cute/ to die for and so much better than I could have ever imagined. Jenna is so talented and I loved working with her. I will continue to use her services any chance I can get!

- Erin, wild mane salon

"This whole experience was so fun from start to finish!"

As far as the Website in a Day package we communicated every step of the way & she even let me know I had an issue with my opt-in page that I hadn't even noticed. I 100% recommend Rothwein Design for anyone looking to step away from minimalist branding & go in a funky new direction!

- ANDREA, your obm bestie

"The Website In A Day Package was EVERYTHING I needed!"

Jenna exceeded my expectations in every aspect of this process. I appreciated how organized and easy Jenna made this entire process. I felt most comfortable working with Jenna because of how thorough she was with getting to me, my brand and my journey as an entrepreneur. She did an excellent job at not only designing my website, but making my website the vibe and aesthetic I wanted- fun, approachable and not overwhelming. I could tell that Jenna really took all the information I told her into consideration when designing my website and it came out beautiful! Her support before, during and even after this process has been amazing and I am so excited to work with her more on future projects and endeavors.

- Erin, The melanin method

If you've felt stuck with your branding and can't find anything that feels just right, Jenna is DEFINITELY worth the investment!

Jenna captured everything I have ever envisioned for my brand and more!! Luckily, we're both lovers of everything cottage core and whimsical, so she was able to incorporate those aspects into my branding in the most beautiful way possible! I've been trying to figure out my branding on my own since I created my business, but nothing was really clicking, and everything I shared on my socials just didn't feel like me. I'm so excited to revamp my business with this new branding and love how easy Jenna made this process! (Seriously, the organization of her branding/website copy workbooks is *chef's kiss*) Although I was part of her beta program, I would have fully invested in Jenna, and her craft had I stumbled upon her work at a different time! If you've felt stuck with your branding and can't find anything that feels just right, Jenna is DEFINITELY worth the investment!

- serena, simply serena

"Jenna hit the right balance of insightful creative input and adherence to my vision."

Jenna hit the right balance of insightful creative input and adherence to my vision. That's a rare combination in a designer. I now recommend her to all my friends.

- don, colrcopy

"I am so happy with the logo Jenna created for my organizing business."

I am so happy with the logo Jenna created for my organizing business. She was so patient, taking in all my feedback and making revisions until I was completely happy. I look forward to working with Jenna on future projects.

- jill, stress less professional organizing

"I have received positive feedback from customers about the site."

As a new business owner, I was pleased with Jenna's expert assistance- creating a clean design and giving a professional look to my website. She followed my instructions to the letter, was immediately responsive to my questions and had some great ideas. I have received positive feedback from customers about the site.

- ruth & mark, gallery northeast

"Jenna is very professional and takes her work seriously while simultaneously maintaining a relaxed, comfortable client experience."

Jenna is very professional and takes her work seriously while simultaneously maintaining a relaxed, comfortable client experience. She is highly communicative and always listened to what I had to say.

- Donte, project special

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